Thursday, November 20, 2003

what a week

Yeah, I really haven't been updating, but it's not like anyone reads this anyway. Regardless, yesterday was a crazyass day in pop culture land.

First off, RIP Gene Anthony Ray, AKA Fame's Leroy. I guess your days of paying in sweat are over.

Also RIP Michael Kamen. You may be well known for your works in film or with Metallica, but to me you will always be the guy conducting the orchestral madness in GNR's "November Rain" video.

Finally, one brief quote from the Michael Jackson saga. Read this quote from one of Jackson's lawyers, and tell me that you don't think this is a completely inappropriate analogy:

"It is a case of excitement and hysteria because we have the same accusations that we had 10 years ago," he said. "It's like playing the playoffs all over again." WTF?

Thursday, November 06, 2003

this could be just like starting over

Since I'm in grad school, my hours are a little more, er, permissive. Which means that I can watch crappy daytime TV a few days a week if I so desire. (Yes, I do have a 15-20 page lit review due in two weeks, as well as another 15-page paper.) Anyway, my latest obsession is the Real World for middle aged housewives trainwreck Starting Over. It's full of all sorts of self-help doubletalk and bitchiness veiled as constructive criticism. I've taken to calling it "Self Help Bitchfest." I LOVE IT.

In other news, I highly recommend The Kollege Daily. Mocking college journalists is always hilarious. I just think of all the crap I wrote for the WSN 10 years ago.