Sunday, October 31, 2004

i heart '80s college rock

VH1 Classic's The Alternative is the reason I don't get to bed at a decent hour on Sunday nights. (Not unlike MTV's 120 Minutes in my early college years.) Right now, Lush's "Superblast" is taking me back to hanging out freshman year with the sophomore stoners next door who were obsessed with shoegazer rock. ONe of them made me a kickass mixtape that I continue to listen to. The best part of tonight, however, is hearing The Church's "Reptile." I will even forgive the bonehead VJ for claiming that Jeff Buckley's Grace came out in 1993.

In sports-related news, the Red Sox's victory seems to have caused the Pats to fuck up royally. I should've believed C. when he said that they couldn't get past the Steelers. Of course, C. is a Steelers fan. In other news, my former alma mater (master's degree, y'all) seems to have reversed the curse in relation to its dreaded rival.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

i've been out west to californ, but i miss the land where i was born...

I have never been so happy to say that I grew up in Massachusetts. The heartache, the swearing at the TV, it was all worth it. I can't even imagine what it's like for my grandfather. He was born in 1919. He's waited all his life for this.

I screamed my head off when we won. Then I started crying. Then I started laughing at myself for crying. Now I'm in this mode of numbness. It still hasn't sunk in. We won. About freakin' time.

I loved watching Pedro watch the game from the dugout. He was so happy and so into it.

I did not, however, like the bizarre shot of Jimmy Fallon making out with some chick on the field when the celebration began. it was just weird and gross, and not in a funny way like weird Burger King ad.

And I am totally in love with Theo Epstein.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

what has my life become?

I still don't believe this. This is not to say that I don't believe in the team, I'm just not so used to them winning when it's important. I remain, however, cautiously optimistic. I saw what happened to those Yankee fans who thought they had it in the bag at this time last week. I've said it before, it's worth the fabulous roller coaster ride. I love this team so much...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

peel's last session

RIP British radio legend John Peel. Lord knows how many Peel Sessions EPs I've heard in my lifetime as an alt-rock dork. This is profoundly depressing.

waking up with the king

Mike and I are always talking about how freakin' creepy this ad is. You can bet your ass that I won't be trying to eat a croissanwich any time soon. I don't want that freaky-ass bobbleheaded mascot in my bed. (I do, however, find it hilarious in a completely absurd way. Hilarious and creepy.)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Wow, I never thought Chief Justice William Rehnquist and I would ever have anything in common. Guess I was wrong.

Of course, I never had a tracheotomy...

oh, we're halfway there...

I'm back from my weekend in NH, which was filled with shitty rental cars (boo!) tuned to AM sports talk radio (yay!) and lots of food and fun with future in-laws and my family. Our wedding will probably feature a napkin folding contest. I only wish I were joking.

All of New England is abuzz right now. We walked back to the hotel from dinner while Game 1 was under way and hardly anyone was in the street. Every TV in every window was tuned to the game. Drivers were honking and shouting "Go Sox!" It was insane. I felt for the bride at the wedding in the hotel on Saturday night, since I suspect the groomsmen kept trotting up to the lounge to check the score. Two down, two to go. I can't wait for it to be over, since, I'm sick as a dog.

While in Portsmouth, we stopped by the local record store, which is actually quite good. I bought Paul Westerberg's Folker (I still have a crush on that man), the new Le Tigre (a band I'm on the fence about, but they often win me over) and a Dropkick Murphys EP which features "Tessie," the official anthem of the Boston Red Sox and backing vocals by Bill Janovitz(!), Bronson Arroyo (!!), and JOHNNY DAMON (!!!!!). This qualifies me as the biggest dork ever.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

how many cars have been turned over on lansdowne street?

Yeah, so I pretty much had an orgasm when Johnny Damon hit that grand slam in the second inning. We're in the World Series for the first time since I was 11. I could fucking die right now. We made history, baby! The second born will be Johnathan Damon B---------.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

do you believe in miracles?

I think I do now. This says it all.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I am nauseated from my tea with splenda (I would stop using it, but we don't have any real sugar in the house). I think that I can't rock the artificial sweeteners on an empty stomach.

Of course, the nausea may also result from the roller coaster ride of a ball game, which caused me to stay up until 1:30 this morning to witness the outcome. I'm tired, but happy. We hardly have a chance of going all the way, but at least we didn't get swept. One game at a time. One game at a time. I think my firstborn might have to be named David Ortiz B---------.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

born in taxachusetts

Thank you, Slate writer Timothy Noah for defending my home state. This was one thing (among many) in the debates that pissed me off. Don't hate on the cradle of liberty.

And I'm still hoping for a Sox victory tonight. At least then it won't be a sweep. It's all I'm asking at this point. And I still hate the New York Yankees with every fiber of my being...

At least the Pats are doing well...

When did I start to care so much about sports?

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I still believe. I still believe. I still believe.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

achtung, baby!

I could probably write my entire dissertation on this ad campaign. I just may do it...

Monday, October 11, 2004

i may be going to hell for this

Yeah, so I guess my naming Derrida the 3rd was a little premature. Christopher Reeve takes the honor. I'm not remembering him for Superman, I'm remembering him for being the basis of one of the funniest/sickest South Park episodes ever...

Sunday, October 10, 2004

We were joking the other night who the third in the celebrity death triumvirate of Janet Leigh and Rodney Dangerfield would be. Who knew that it would dear ol' Jacques Derrida? At school, this is definitely big news.

Saw JV and the Mountain Goats again on Friday with a few of my ladies. I drank too much and ran into all sorts of bizarre NYU blasts from the past. It was like being stuck at some 1994 indie rock show. Very, very strange.

There's too much work in the next few weeks, and all I want to do is watch baseball. Sigh....

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Paul Westerberg: Reuniting the Replacements would be a "wondrous disaster." Man, I would shell out Pixies-reunion style cash to witness that fabulous train wreck. Please let it happen someday. The Replacements are my Smiths, if that makes any sense... (Oh, and you can totally that the AP reporter who conducted this interview is a huge freakin' Mats dork who probably begged his editor to let him interview Westerberg under the guise of "Well, this guy was kind of popular in the '80s and he does have a new album out..." I know my own kind. After all, I did once interview a member of Motley Crue for a freakin' teen magazine.)

Last night I went to see JV and the Mountain Goats with Mike and only made it four songs into the Goats before we both decided to leave. Yesterday featured too much Ikea-related trauma and way too much schoolwork for me to properly process and appreciate the rock.

Monday, October 04, 2004

i'm so damn bored i'm goin' blind

You know what? I really wanna see Green Day on tour. I realize that this is 10 years past cool for such a thing, but goddammit, they're playing at school. (Granted, my school has a giant basketball arena on campus. But still, Program Board never pulled that caliber, even if it is a band in its decline. We also had R.E.M. last year, but I was too broke to go.) And I liked their last record where every other song was a Kinks ripoff. I love the Green Day, so sue me.

Meanwhile, the fun game I like playing right now is something I call the Hold Steady game. This is where I adapt lyrics from The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me in which someone claims to have a nickname to make them about my cats.

For Example:

Real Hold Steady Lyric: "She said my name is Steve Perry but people call me Circuit City. I'm so well connected."

Revised lyric to include one of my kitties: "He said my name is Linus but people call me After Hours. I'm a tuxedo cat."

Too much free time? Perhaps...