Wednesday, November 23, 2005

open letters

Dear Tall Guy in front of me at Joe's Pub last night,

Dude, you're at least 6'9. Don't be an asshole and stand in front of the 5'6 girl who traveled all the way from Philly on a train packed to the gills with obnoxious Penn kids to see Sweaty Rhetty Miller perform for a grand total of one hour. I did have a lovely view of the column blocking the stage, though. So, um, thanks for that.

P.S. I was totally giving you the finger behind your back

Dear Sweaty Rhetty,

You know I love you, but please realize that your new album is probably not going to be "the best record of 2006." I know you were joking, but you know deep down that you weren't. Remember, The Instigator kind of sucked. Thanks for playing "Singular Girl" and "The Villain" though!

Still a fan,

Dear School,

Stop kicking my ass.

Two more weeks,