Friday, January 20, 2006

the prodigal son returns

Theo is back! And Red Sox Nation rejoices...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

the backslide begins...

I'm losing any motivation to go to yoga tonight. Kiki called to tell me she wasn't going, which of course makes me think that I should just stay home, watch the shitty new episode OC and go to bed early. Tomorrow is going to be a big ol' day of school crap on campus.

Speaking of crappy TV, has anyone seen There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel? Talk about delusions of success! I don't know what's worse: Ashley thinking he's going to be successful or the awful scripting of the show. Dude, you were in a boy band for about 5 seconds. You're not a star.

I still, however, love me some Project Runway. L'il Erika has that covered.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Things I learned in Montreal this past weekend...

1. According to the fast food chain's television commercials, Canadians love hockey, cell phones and "inhaling Subway sandwiches." I don't think they have been subjected to Jared. I tend to believe Subway's assessment, since there appears to be a franchise on just about every block of the city that we walked down.

2. I can stand the cold a lot more than I think I can.

3. My French is good enough to ask for two tickets to the metro and to request non-smoking seating at a restaurant. That, however, is about as far as it goes beyond "Je n'ai pas compris." Twelve years of not practicing will do that to you.

4. Also in accordance to number 1, being in Canada on Hockey Day (when all the Canadian NHL teams play each other) is pretty entertaining. I still don't understand hockey. The only downside was finding out that watching the Patriots playoff game was damn near impossible, unless you wind up at some faux Irish pub under a stripping emporium. And then you're watching the French-Canadian ESPN feed. Which, actually is pretty entertaining! Allons-y, Les Patriots de Nouveau-Angleterre!

5. Going away can be fun, when it's not for a wedding, conference or familial obligation. I actually like leisure travel!

6. When Mike and I finally get a house (whenever the hell that will be), it will most definitely have a whirlpool tub.

7. Lush employees are just as fanatical in Canada as they are in the states and England.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

a true philly conundrum

Hey Wawa, when did "grated parmesan" on an Italian hoagie become "Italian-flavored breadcrumbs"? It's a pretty nasty change.

We were without internet access for two weeks. I was like a dope fiend by the end of it, wanting to get my surf on. I would like to say that I did something productive in lieu of the blackout, but alas, that is just not true.

I got some good pop culture-related things for Christmas/my birthday, including a 30 GB video iPod and the first four volumes of The Complete Peanuts. I bought myself Season 1 of The Muppet Show because I'm all about reliving childhood these days. (Maybe it's part of being 30-wonderful...hee hee).