Tuesday, February 28, 2006

come to think of it, he does look like yaphet kotto...

Surviving Grady has its predictions for the 2006 season up. Here is part one and here is part two. I really truly hope that my beloved Ortiz gets recognized for his work on Homicide...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

i'm gonna do one room for ya, but i'm gonna do it good*

Number of years I've owned an iPod: 3
Number of iPods I have owned: 2
Number of times I've cleaned the bathroom using an iPod: 1

I can't believe that I never thought of this before. iPod = personal music device (no shit, Heather). There is no radio in our meager little bathroom, and I can't hear the stereo if I'm cleaning. So today, for the first time, I cleaned the bathroom with my iPod in tow. It made Magic Erasing the nastiness that was our tub so much more pleasant. Here is my bathroom playlist, courtesy of the shuffle function. (And skipping tracks isn't allowed, because your hands are usually wet!)

  1. "Curly," The Move

  2. "Never Ending Math Equation," Modest Mouse

  3. "Don't Let Me Cross Over," The Corn Sisters

  4. "Polly," Nirvana

  5. "File Me Away," Badly Drawn Boy

  6. "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)," Arcade Fire (this was scrubtastic!)

  7. "Jersey Shore," The Promise Ring

  8. "Remember Me," British Sea Power

  9. "Dad's Trailer," Sneeze

  10. "Dice," Sneeze

  11. "One Line," PJ Harvey

  12. "We Are Nowhere and It's Now," Bright Eyes

  13. "Dry Your Eyes," Neil Diamond and The Band

I would like to welcome myself to the 21st century.

* Props to anyone other than my husband who gets that paraphrase. (There is a hint in the list.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

accomplishments are fun!

My dissertation abstract (the first step in the proposal process) is winding its way through my committee as we speak. Once I get their feedback, it goes to the full faculty for approval. My advisor (whom I love, love, love) has no more suggested changes on it, and she thinks it's a great project. She also appreciates when I send her e-mails with the subject line "abstract 2: electric boogaloo," so this is a good working relationship.

Shifting gears completely, I've become addicted to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins' Rabbit Fur Coat. I even like the cover of "Handle With Care," with the exception of Connor Oberst's attempt to be a combo of Dylan and Petty. When's somebody going to cover "Tweeter and the Monkeyman?" I think I'm the only person in the world who likes that song.

The new Belle and Sebastian is pretty listenable too. I had given up on them after Fold Your Hands..., but they've been winding their way back into rotation. I may even purchase that live album of If You're Feeling Sinister.

Good lord, I've become really, really boring.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

new adventures in consumption

So, what do you do when you have writer's block and can't finish your damn dissertation abstract that was due two days ago? You go shopping, of course! Mikey and I headed down to Target for the typical household needs like dish detergent and razor blades. I also bought a new yoga mat, one that's of a "premium" thickness so that I don't kill my knees when class starts off in child's pose. It's also striped which makes me feel all happy and blissful.

I also bought this adorable jacket because I needed a navy blazer. I am loving that yoga has required that I purchase new clothes because I am actually toned for once in my life. We'll see how long this lasts...

Yes, my life is quite fascinating these days. Back to the abstract grind.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

standing in the shower thinking...

I keep getting these e-mails from the Alma Mater regarding joining my 10-year reunion committee. The thing is, the only people I'm interested in seeing from those days are people who 1) I already am in touch with on a regular basis or 2) were not in my graduating year, therefore making the whole point of joining the committee moot. So, I came with an (albeit completely unoriginal) idea:

A PB reunion. Sure, some of us see each other frequently, but I think it would be fun/interesting to attempt to get a bunch of the '90s-era folks together, ply them with liquor and pretend it's Yet Another Booze Cruise. Hasn't enough time passed for petty squabbles to be replaced with polite conversation and civility? I think it could be fun. And I know some of you read this here blog, albeit probably not with any sort of frequency anymore. I apologize for this turning into Heather Rants and Raves About the Red Sox.

So, whaddya think? Who wants to join my Alternative Reunion Committee? (Heh, "alternative." Remember how loaded that word was?)


And now for something completely unrelated: I dusted off The Frogs' My Daughter the Broad the other night, and I realized that some of that shit sounds like stuff Sufjan Stevens would do if he sang songs about grandmas and sexual organs instead of the 50 states.

This is my whacked-out pop culture theory du jour. Please place in the same category as my idea that Dude, Where's My Car? and Memento are essentially the same film.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sorry, Johnny...

Too little, too late.

Meanwhile, the Lowell Spinners are offering free uniforms to any Little League Yankees team in New England. Yeah, this rivalry is pretty insane...

Monday, February 06, 2006

the ultimate guilty pleasure

I have been sucked back into something I haven't really been into since high school and maybe part of college. That would be General Hospital. It is so freakin' cheesy, but I love it just the same. And, as an added bonus Robert Scorpio is back! This is yet another distraction that I do not need.

Were any of you soap fans? What did you watch? Would you watch it again if you had time?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's time for another edition of Good vs. Bad.

Good: I have a dissertation committee finalized! Now I just need to move my ass on the damn proposal. That's means less Oprah, more reading. (Yes, I've been watching tons of Miss O.)

Bad: I thought I was going to make it out to Seattle for a conference, but now it's not happening. I want to hang out with Kieran, dammit!

Good: I'm still kicking ass at yoga, and I did my first headstand yesterday!

Bad: My legs are killing me this week.

Good: I got my eyes checked and got two new pairs of glasses. Yay me!

Bad: My haircut isn't doing it for me, but who knows what it will look like in a few days. (One of the good things about having short hair.)

It's about mixed.