Friday, March 31, 2006

the more you know

Who knew that there were PSAs about expensive beer, meteors and The Fugitive? The cast of The Office mocks NBC's classic "The More You Know" spots for April Fool's Day.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

what happens when the husband is in vegas ends up on the blog

Remember that morning that I ate Chips Ahoy! for breakfast? Oh, wait, that was this morning.

Monday, March 27, 2006

drinkin' and dialin' is so much fun.

So, I went up to NYC for Sta's birthday fete. (Un)fortunately, I don't have the same tolerance for the vino that I used to, and I ended up passing out at the ungodly early hour of 10 PM. We started drinking at six. Apologies to those who were drunk-dialed on Saturday, although Aruam said that the message was "so sweet." I'm wondering if it's just her pregnancy hormones getting to her. She says she'll return the favor some months down the road.

I got to see a bunch of folks who I haven't seen in ages, so that was fun. I only wish I had made it to karaoke. It was nice to be in New York, albeit for a grand total of 24 hours.

In other news, the Ricky Gervais-penned episode of The Simpsons was brilliant.

I saw Ray Davies last week, and there was no "Waterloo Sunset." But there were lots of people in mullets who obviously were big fans of his '70s oeuvre. My favorite had to be the woman with mullet, Eagles jacket and Eagles sweatshirt who kept screaming, "IT'S YOUR SHOW, RAY!" anytime he said he was going to play a song. This has becomes Mike's and my new shorthand for "whatever you want to do."

I also immensely enjoyed seeing The Go! Team last week. They should totally tour with Rump Posse.

Monday, March 20, 2006

unrelated stuff

I've cleared another hurdle in the dissertation process, so I'm one step closer to being Dr. Heathalouise. It's the small victories that matter.

Mikey and I have decided to hit SXSW next year, no matter what. I feel like I totally missed out this year.

I love 24 so much it hurts, even though it's so freakin' ridiculous. Jack Bauer always saves the day.

Big House Red and Big House White are my favorite wines right now.

I'm going to see Ray Davies tomorrow night. I am way too excited.

Sorry this isn't more interesting. I just felt the need to update.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I had a fabulous (albeit extended--thanks for canceling my flight, US Air!) weekend in MA. I went on a tour of Fenway with my best friend and we soaked in all the history and baseball trivia. It was so much fun, and we took a number of ridiculous photos of us hanging over the Green Monster. It was some quality girl-time that was much needed.

So, I come back to news that sends the hypochondriac in me into overdrive. Some medical tissue companies were selling tissue plundered from corpses. Great, now I'm all paranoid that my new ligament in my ankle is from some infected dead guy. Just what I need right now...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

watch out "lazy sunday...."

Natalie Portman's gonna kick your ass.

Friday, March 03, 2006

and there goes any indie cred i had left...

There's a deep, dark, dirty, secret part of me (well, not so much anymore) that really wants to go see Aerosmith next week at the Wachovia Center. I could pretend that it's because Cheap Trick's opening, but that's just not true. (Don't get me wrong, I love Cheap Trick. "Surrender" is a karaoke jam.)

I heart Aerosmith's ridiculous '80s jams. "Rag Doll" will stay in my head forever. I am ashamed and I'm not ashamed at the same time. I blame my Massachusetts upbringing.

Speaking of flashbacks, I've been listening to Pulp's This Is Hardcore on the iPod lately. I loved this record when it came out, and I still do. It's the perfect Britpop-era hangover record. It's the beautiful sound of an era ending. (The flipside, the horrible death knell for Britpop, being Oasis's crapfest Be Here Now.) I have had "Dishes" on repeat for three days now.

It's almost spring break. Woo-hoo.