Monday, May 28, 2007

r.i.p., comic genius

I am so bummed about the death of Charles Nelson Reilly. He was hilarious! Plus, he made The Match Game entertaining (something that my 20something self only learned through the Game Show Network, while my childhood self would be bored to tears watching that game with my grandparents).

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

dear lord, this is what i do for a living

I hardly ever read The Onion anymore, but one of this week's stories nailed it. This is going around several of my academic dork communities/mailing lists, so I of course need to share it:

"By drawing parallels between things and other, entirely different things, I not only further my own studies, but also encourage young minds to develop this comparative methodology in their own work," said Windham, holding his left hand up to represent one thing, then holding his right hand up to represent a separate thing, then bringing his hands together in simulation of a hypothetical synthesis of the two things.

I think from now on, whenever anyone asks me what I do, I'll point them toward this article.

Professor Sees Parallels Between Things, Other Things [The Onion]


Sunday, May 13, 2007

i was underwhelmed, and that's a word

Maria and I went to see Sloan last night. It was her second time witnessing the Canadian rawk and my 14th(?). All I know is that Sloan is the band I've seen the most in my rock n' roll life. (Anyone who's read this blog with any regularity can probably guess who is #2 on that list. Hell, most of you have seen that band with me at one point or another.) Last night was heavy on the new material and One Chord to Another. The audience was a weird split between 20something women and late-30s frat dudes. Openers Small Sins were pretty good, functional Canadian indie rock. I'm just bummed that Sloan didn't play any ancient stuff, like "Deeper Than Beauty" or "Penpals."

Yet again I am keeper of the flame for '90s alt-rock.