Friday, February 15, 2008

a new reason for me to go to hell...

I'm walking to the coffee shop this morning, and I pass the deli and see the headlines in the tabloids about what the Post calls the East Side Butcher Killing. My first thought?

"Man, I'm so glad the writers' strike is over. This is going to make an awesome episode of Law & Order."

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

so this is the new year...

...And I need to feel different. My main resolution for 2008 is to lose some weight. So that I don't bore y'all with that here, I've started a new blog, Results Are Typical, for blabbing about my "journey." (Blech.)


Monday, December 10, 2007

Today's reason to hate humanity

As someone with notable, ahem, assets, I appreciated Sarah Hepola's piece in Salon about the trials and tribulations of bra shopping for the large-chested. I can empathize with her on many of her points. But this is not what this rant is about. What horrifies me about this article are the letters accompanying the piece. All the men saying, "Waaah, that's like a rich man complaining he's a walking wallet." You know what? Why don't you try hauling around an extra 10-15 pounds in the front and see how you like it? See if you enjoy the comments and stares. Yeah, I know it's a "grass is greener" deal, but it just pisses me off that the commentary seems to be either "shut up and deal" or "get surgery." Neither one of those options is particularly appealing. I just can't believe that it's almost 2008 and people still think it's perfectly OK to act like neanderthals. Ugh.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

this is what happens when you drink coffee at 3 pm: for Kieran

I can't really drink caffeine after noon anymore, but I made a wise exception to hang out with someone I hadn't seen in a long, long time.

I should head off to bed, but sleep is just not happening just yet. So instead, dear reader, you get a treatise on my favorite ridiculous television pleasure: Criminal Minds. I love this show. It is so cheesy, and yet it can make me queasy in a bad horror-movie way every few episodes. The best part (besides the nerdy-hot Dr. Spencer Reid) is that they cast the most random people to play the "unsubs:" James "Dawson/Cereal Box Head" Van Der Beek, Jamie "Not Funny" Kennedy, and this week, Frankie "Malcolm's No Longer in the Middle" Muniz. I'm just imagining all of them saying, "BUT I WANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY" to their agents and the rep comes back with "Here, play a serial killer on this show that your parents most certainly watch since it's on CBS: Television for Old People."

It has all these random conceits: the flirtation between Morgan and computer nerd genius Garcia, the incessant tackling of suspects, and the curmudgeonly local law enforcement who resent the FBI taking over the investigation. And now, Fat Tony is the main profiler. Brilliant!

It's not high quality television by any stretch, but it's not the worst thing to watch on a Wednesday. My dear husband points out that the scariest thing of all, more frightening than any of the horrific murders, is that its lead-in is Kid Nation.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

My life has been a deluge of dissertating, unpacking (still!), editing student papers and the occasional night out.

This Saturday was supposed to be a day of grading (of which I did some), but I got sucked into, an addiction that Martin has been trying to push on me for about two years. So, now I'm crazily rocking the iTunes, trying to generate enough songs to create my own radio station. Of course, several "buried gems" keep resurfacing--those songs you randomly download because they're just there (Marilyn Manson single, I'm looking at you...)--and my "true" taste is not quite coming through. If you looked at my charts right now, you'd think that I spent all my life listening to the Monkees and Modest Mouse. The truth is, I do listen to the Monkees way more than someone my age should, but I just happen to have a lot of Modest Mouse on my iTunes.

Naturally, this is making me want to add some CDs to my library, but since the majority of our albums are still in storage, I'm stuck with my minuscule, meager collection. No Luna for me except for Bewitched. (Oh wait, maybe that's not a bad thing.)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's a hell of a town

We've moved back to New York City and it's weird. I feel as if I'm still in a liminal state. We're staying in a sublet for the summer, so it doesn't really feel like home. Our "permanent" apartment won't be ready until September. So I'm in a new neighborhood in my old city, and eventually I'll move to a new apartment in my old building. Life definitely has a touch of deja vu right about now.

It is really nice, however, to know that for the most part, my life is slowly becoming settled. Mike and I are in the same city (for the most part--dude's in Miami this week for Fashion Week), and we plan to stick around here for a while. I have a really good consulting gig that has fallen into my lap, and I start teaching at the alma mater in the fall. I'm concentrating my job search on the area and am perfectly willing to slog in the adjunct trenches for a while until something more permanent comes along here in NYC.

I do miss Philly, however. For example, this little tidbit from today. I was walking out of the subway, up the stairs to the street. There was a dirty diaper (ew!) on the top step. I looked at it and my first thought was, "That's so something I would see in Philly." It was gross, but then again, so is the Broad Street Line. I miss it!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

yippee ki yay

Following hot on the heels of my post celebrating the director's cut of Commando, Slate has this humorous piece on action film one-liners. This ties in with today's release of Live Free or Die Hard, a cinematic event which I would have witnessed today if I weren't packing all my crap and schlepping it to New York. Yup, today's moving day in the heathalouise/AWCR household. Brooklyn, you've been put on notice. Now who's going to watch John McClane kick some ass with me this weekend. (Dave O.....I think we need to make a plan.)

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Monday, April 16, 2007

welcome to the 21st century!

Um, I finally have gotten the hang of predictive text on my cell phone. It's only taken me 2 years. Now if I could only understand how to deal with RSS feeds. (I only wish I were kidding.)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

if you never see me again, here's why

I broke down, fell for the hype and got myself a Wii on ebay. Mike and I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing baseball, golf and bowling. My second remote arrives tomorrow from Amazon, along with Rampage: Total Destruction.

My arms are totally sore today from playing baseball. I only wish that meant that I was actually getting good at it.


Friday, March 02, 2007

a question...

So, Seattlites (I know there are a few of you out there)....

Are you around April 19-22? I'm debating whether or not to head up there for a conference. I have a couple of bad influences already. Airfare right now is wicked cheap. Tip the scales, people! Tip the scales!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

that time of the year

I just bought my first baseball tickets of the season. Granted, they're for the last spring training game before the season starts, but it is Phillies vs. Red Sox.

I miss having season tickets, but since we have no idea where we're going to be this summer, it doesn't make sense to shell out for them. Oh well.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"let's make cookies for the boys!"

I must be back in work mode, since that whole eating thing has gone out the window...

I have to humbly go do some damage control on campus today. I have become the stereotype of a girl who can't do math.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ringing in the double-0 7

So, has a rapper used the term 2 Double-0 7 yet? If not, they totally should...

Mike and I rang in the New Year with a low-key fondue party. It was a blast, and we now have way too much wine in our house. Our guests were rightfully freaked out by the creepy kiss between Dick Clark and his wife. It was of Al and Tipper 2000 proportions.

Yesterday (happy birthday to me!) Mike, Stacy, Nick and Stacy's bro hit Pat's for cheesesteaks. So I had my first cheesesteak of the year and my first Locust Bar pitcher of Lager for the year on the 1st. After Stacy and Nick left, Mike and I finished cleaning up, ordered dinner from Square on Square and watched the remake of Miami Vice from our Netflix backlog.

Here's my question: does Michael Mann think that "true love = shower scene?" Because I still don't buy Colin Farrell and Gong Li's deep relationship. But they did shower together, as did Jamie Foxx and his love interest. I don't know if that's part of the "unrated" extras or not. But it was still weird. I did love the nu-metal cover of "In the Air Tonight" as the Big Deal went down. Hilarious. I only wish that Elvis the crocodile had made an appearance. Also, Justin Theroux as Zito and Herc from THe Wire as Switek were casting gold.

So yeah, 32sexy is alright so far. Here's to success in the 007!

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