Culture Links: 20 August 2009

One: Via Warren Ellis: Brandon Graham’s impressive King City is making a return to print; there’s a preview here. (I have some earlier ramblings on King City here.)

Two: Also returning: Kat Bakes, with a post about weddings, cakes, and their union.

Three: Shla Scanlon — whose serialized novel I really need to start reading — profiles the Seattle band ULGM for The Rumpus. I’m presently listening to the songs on their myspace page, and I like what I hear so far — notably, how there’s just a slight Dead Kennedys-esque air of menace to the vocals that contrasts nicely with the restraint of the music.

Four: Also being listened to around these parts a lot lately: 24-Carat Black’s Gone: The Promise of Yesterday, “I Want to Make Up” in particular.

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