Artlinks: 6 October 2009

One: Edward Champion interviews the FTC’s Richard Cleland on the topic of the FTC’s new disclosure requirements for bloggers; it’s sparked some good discussions in the comments section.

Two: Maria T Sciarrino discusses the persistence of payola in radio.

Three: Ron Hogan on the FTC regulations.

I’m left alternately frustrated by some of Mr. Cleland’s thoughts on review blogs and wondering whether book & music blogging is really going to be much of what the FTC takes aim at. Idolator recaps some of the FTC’s guidelines, including a line about “connections that consumers would not expect” — and while not a lawyer, I’d tend to think that a reader of a blog reviewing books (or music or movies) would expect that blogger to be receiving review copies of the work in question. (Admittedly, I’ve been writing about music in some capacity since I was 19, so my perspective on this may be somewhat skewed.)

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