Live: Girls At Dawn, Idle Times, Smith Westerns; Don Pedro’s, 10.22.09

The latter part of last Thursday night was spent at Don Pedro’s, taking in an Impose-curated night of noisy rock music. Girls at Dawn took the stage shortly after I arrived, and it took me longer than expected to realize that they were not the three-piece that I took them for; there was, in fact, a fourth member doing some sort of electronics work, and he was dressed as a ninja. This was, admittedly, not a bad thing. Musically, theirs is a sound that applies reverb to a girl-group influence; while not the best band I saw during the festival to owe a debt to Henry’s Dress, they had a good sound going, and I’d gladly see them again.

Seattle’s Idle Times impressed me in part due to their onstage presence: a normal-looking bunch of guys playing straightforward garage-punk. Much like Unnatural Helpers, who I’d see later in the festival (and who share members with Idle Times), there’s something hard to argue with about heartfelt garage rock played with intensity, and that’s what this group brought. (They also do a mean cover.) There was a similar quality afoot in the late-night set from Smith Westerns, if memory serves.

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