In Which Anything is Done

Interesting piece from Warren Ellis on the process of creating his Do Anything columns, complete with sample scanned notebook page.

I’ve enjoyed these a lot — essentially, meditations on assorted facets of comics, music, art, and culture in general,with Jack Kirby as a starting point. This one is a particular favorite, and includes some best-music-of-2009 thoughts from Ellis as well. (Between this and the interview with her in the most recent Yeti, I was inspired to pick up the Zola Jesus album The Spoils, with which I’m now fairly obsessed.)

(All of which also reminds me that I’ve been meaning to write something here about Shivering Sands. Also, this post about Scott Tuma, who some may know from his work with Boxhead Ensemble and Souled American,  is quite good.)

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