Hot damn, Guillermo del Toro

I posted this to Twitter last night, but it’s too good not to cite here as well. The Portland Mercury has a summary of a Q&A with filmmaker and writer Guillermo del Toro, and it’s fantastic — funny and smart and thought-provoking and inspirational, all at once. Such as:

He is, unsurprisingly, a big book nerd-fine, the word he uses is “bibliophile”-loving them both for what they contain and what they are as objects. “We are animalistic creatures,” he said. “We need talismans.” He said he went into debt so that he could have an entire house that serves only as a place for his books, with seven libraries in seven rooms.

The whole thing’s great. You can read it here.

2 thoughts on “Hot damn, Guillermo del Toro

  1. I dunno, Tobes. I liked that he was so open to people giving him stuff and wanting jobs, but I actually found a lot of his quotes intensely off-putting. The one about adaptation being like marrying a widow was great, but really, TWO quotes about how if you don’t do X, you’re not a writer/artist? I have a really, really hard time with people who want to build a fence around the concept of an artist of any kind, and say that you’re not really one unless you think like they do – what does that do but deter and dismiss everyone who doesn’t fit into the right box?

    I came away from that post really disappointed in him.

    (PS Your link is a little borked.)

  2. Link: now de-borkified.

    I think maybe I took “If you’re not operating on an instinctive level, you’re not an artist” a bit differently — less of a “you are not an artist if you do X” and more of a call-to-arms to do more work instinctively. Though I do realize that may be the work of my tendencies to see things in an optimistic/posi light, even if that’s not the case…

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