A Contest, A Podcast, A Collection



Last week, Civil Coping Mechanisms announced the latest iteration of the Mainline contest/call for submissions. The esteemed Sean H. Doyle–whose own book on CCM, This Must Be the Place, is one of the works I’m most excited about this year–suggested that I send in something. And so I did: a collection entitled Transitory.

Yesterday, I ventured across the borough to read some fiction as part of The Catapult. The episode is up now, and features nonfiction from Madeline Felix, as  well as me reading my story “Some Things I Botched” and part of a work in progress, “Yannick’s Swiss Army.”

When I finished with the recording and ventured back out on my way, I checked my phone, and learned that Transitory had been named one of three winners of Mainline, along with books by Helen McClory and Alexandra Naughton. When I got this news a day ago, I was, pretty much, freaking out. I’m still freaking out. Transitory will be out in 2016. I am floored and incredibly grateful.

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