A Deleted Scene


That thing where you realize that a paragraph in the story you’re editing is amusing, but doesn’t…quite…work for the story as a whole. Still: figured it was amusing enough to merit posting here.

Years earlier, he had spoken with friends during a time of disquiet in an old job. A friend, thankfully one who’d gotten married years before and saved Yannick the trouble, had asked him his plan for getting out. Yannick had said that it was simple: find someone with an enviable job whom he vaguely resembled; go out on a boat together; have a boating accident; and return to shore with a new identity. Yannick’s friend said that he’d stolen that from Patricia Highsmith, and also, that fingerprints might be a giveaway. That was how Yannick’s brief time as a sociopath came to an end.

And: scene.


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