So, Some Zines Were Made


Over on the Vol.1 side of things, we had a zine come out this week, which should be the first of many. It’s got terrific essays in it from Mairead Case and Rahawa Haile and Jen Vafidis and an intro from Jason Diamond and art from Matt Lubchansky.

I ended up handling the bulk of the layout for it, on the grounds that my time using PageMaker to lay out Eventide 15+ years ago was probably the most applicable to wrangling InDesign. This turned out to be pretty accurate–thankfully, the “Place” feature has changed very little in the last decade and change, although I did have one hilarious misadventure that could result in a black-and-white edition of the cover showing up at some point. (Because there are a lot of them in my apartment right now.)


There was a point late on Monday night when I was standing in a Kinko’s on Houston Street–technically a “FedEx Office,” but fuck it, zines were being made, so it’s a Kinko’s–and thinking about how full-circle this all felt. I’m not going to lie: it was a really good feeling. Alternately: it felt like coming back to something I’d been missing for a while.

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