A Reading in Montclair


So I read in Montclair last night, as part of the Halfway There Reading Series. It was the first time I’d read fiction in the state where I grew up–I’ve done a few author Q & As at WORD Jersey City, but that’s been it. I opted to read “Last Screening of A Hoax Cantata,” as (a) it’s arguably set in New Jersey; and (b) I knew that it was a good length for reading in the timeslot given. Seems to have gone over really well, which made for a good night.

The reading as a whole was a good night: the four of us who were reading were coming from different stylistic places, and the audience had good questions to ask at the end of the night. And a good chunk of my family stopped in from various parts of the state, which was also great to see.

After everything wrapped up, I wandered over to the train station, and ended up getting a pint at the adjoining bar. All told, it was a good way to spend an evening, and an indication of good things happening in the Garden State.


Joyland has a write-up of contributors who have books due out in 2016, and my collection Transitory is among the books mentioned. I am referred to as “Brooklyn’s literary chameleon,” which I am totally putting on my business cards.

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