Trying to write an introduction for this section is surprisingly difficult. “Unwieldy” might be a better choice of words, actually — I’m looking for something more aerodynamic than “Hey, some stories. I wrote them,” but not something that wears out its welcome. My first short story to be published in some form is called “Weary.” It made an appearance on the website of the now-defunct TNI Books in the early part of this decade. Here’s what’s happened since.

“An Old Songwriter’s Trick” and “The Wenceslas Men” were both reprinted in issues of Joyland Retro–the second and fourth, respectively.


My story “Stanton Stands, Sees, Stares” appears in the anthology Hair Lit. Also in there? Stories by the likes of Lindsay Hunter, Ben Tanzer, Roxane Gay, Leni Zumas, Susannah Felts, Steve Himmer, and others. It can be ordered here.

I also have a pair of stories in the anthology All Hands On: THE2NDHAND After 10. They’re alongside work from the likes of Patrick Somerville, Jamie Iredell, Susannah Felts, Joe Meno, Todd Dills, Jonathan Messinger, and Al Burian. The book can be ordered here.

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  1. Just read “Winter Montage, Hoboken Station” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the mood, the awkwardness of the meeting and the description of the Hoboken station that I recall so well. You’re the best, Toby.

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