I think I’ve seen the first forty-odd minutes of H…

I think I’ve seen the first forty-odd minutes of High Fidelity more than any other film in recent memory. There’s something inherently relaxing about watching a movie, whether in the theatre or at home — I can spend two hours observing something, following a story, letting my own tension fall away. And High Fidelity‘s kind of become my comfort food for those purposes: smart enough to keep me hooked, but familiar enough that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to start watching.

Today, I watched my copy of it all the way through for the first time in ages. I hadn’t meant to — I’ve got some writing to do, which is what I’m going to do as soon as I hit the “publish” button here — but sometimes, you’ve got to go for the comfort. I put a late dinner on (egg whites wrapped in a burrito for no apparent reason, with a liberal coating of garlic & olive salsa), sat back on the futon, and it’s made for a good night.

It’s 4:40 AM. I’ve still got a bit of Halloween en…

It’s 4:40 AM. I’ve still got a bit of Halloween energy left to coast on, but soon that’ll be spent, and I’ll likely be crashing on the futon, too lazy to clear the piles of stuff from my bed.

The Flaming Fire are an insane band — think the musical episode of Buffy on acid, and you’ll be close. Ladies dressed in red utilizing synchronized motions and chanting “Incest” in one song. Madness. But good.

It was my second time seeing Les Sans Culottes, the first being at one of the Brooklyn Museum’s ‘First Saturday’ events. Nothing wrong with energetic Gallic pop made by attractive folks, with a guitarist sporting an anti-G8 jumpsuit. Again: madness, but good.

Got the birthday shout-out from Bling Kong, which was pretty rad. You know — when you pare down the stage theatrics, the costumes, the onstage bling….the songs are still remarkably catchy. (My personal favorite being “Bow Down to Bling Kong” — the “six more” bit in the backing vocals always brings a smile to my face). My friend Lukasz and I found ourselves bewilderedly singing a couple of the songs while trying to catch a cab to rendezvous with his girlfriend…

There’s more to report from the night, but for now, I’m going to get some sleep. I have a weird inkling to get some brunch tomorrow morning….we’ll see.

It’s an absolutely stunning autumn day in New Jers…

It’s an absolutely stunning autumn day in New Jersey right now — the sort of day that makes me miss living here on a regular basis. I took the 6:26 train out of Penn Station last night to meet my parents in Red Bank for a familial birthday-type dinner here. It was quite good, with a mole sauce that left my stomach feeling kinda firey — in the best way possible.

Returned to the ancestral family home at a little after nine PM. I wandered out onto the new back porch that my folks had installed this past summer, and stepped down into the backyard, nestled in a suburban quiet. Although the lawn wasn’t covered, fallen leaves were abundant, and I recalled a night close to ten years ago — maybe longer — when I’d spent the earlier part of an evening at a friend’s hockey game. It was late in October then, possibly early in November, and following the game’s conclusion, I didn’t have much of anything to do: my friends had familial things to attend to, and my folks were elsewhere for the night. I suspect it may have been longer than ten years ago, as I wasn’t yet driving, and when I returned home, I decided to make something of the night.

I grabbed my walkman and the high-powered lantern my father had bought a few years before; took a rake and a tarp from the garage, and began raking the backyard, Metallica’s Master of Puppets blasting in my ears.

Me and the backyard, we’ve been on good terms since then.


Heading back to the city in forty minutes or so. Got music to enjoy, people to see, and a hopefully full weekend ahead of me. Right now, there’s not so much weight in my shoulders, and for that I am indeed grateful.

Some years ago, I began to lose any sense of seaso…

Some years ago, I began to lose any sense of seasonal change. Obviously, some of it had to do with leaving the suburbs for the city — between schools and shopping malls, each month brought a new set of decorations. October felt like October; May like May. At this point, I’m down to the temperature and humidity: so far, October has felt like December, April, and – very briefly – late September.

Carved a pumpkin tonight. That, thankfully, has made it feel just a bit more like October again. That and the bag of candy corn.


Currently working on a Frog Eyes piece for Copper Press. Exhausted as of now, but I’m not going to sleep until there’s a draft done.

Of course, if I’m going to be making uber-bold declarations like that, I probably shouldn’t be on here blogging, should I? Damn.

4:46 on a Saturday. Staying in for the afternoon …

4:46 on a Saturday. Staying in for the afternoon — between this week’s work and being fairly sick (I went to Montreal and brought back a souvenir cold), my freelancing and fiction writing has taken a hit. Today’s my time to try and catch up — transcribing a couple of q & a’s and maybe making more headway on a short story. Had maybe four hundred words’ worth of really focused work on said story on Thursday, and I’m anxious to get back into it — though I’m wondering now if the story I’m writing is going to be longer than originally anticipated. I’d planned for something brief and concise, and I feel as though I could expand things a bit. The question is, is it the right thing to do? Of this I’m not sure…


In six days, I’ll be another year older. As always, my feelings are mixed.

Back from Montreal. For the drive back, he and …

Back from Montreal.

For the drive back, he and his girlfriend had purchased some bizarre snack crackers labeled “All Dressed”. Upon eating a few, we came to the conclusion that this meant that each of the available toppings could be found on the crackers in question: barbeque, salt and pepper, ranch, etc.

It wasn’t tasty.

Later on in the drive, somewhere near Albany, he asked his girlfriend to “pass the bag of nasty crackers”.

Behind the wheel and hungry, I saw the opportunity for sustenance. “Let me in on some of that nasty cracker action,” I said.

It took me a while to realize why they were laughing…

The last time I travelled outside of the New York/…

The last time I travelled outside of the New York/NJ/Philadelphia corridor was approximately fifty-one weeks ago. I departed New York City for a work function in Albany, spending most of a Friday and Saturday in my state’s capital city.

It says far too much that I’m beginning to look back on this trip with some nostalgia. It’s not really the trip that I recall fondly as much as the drive back to New Jersey. Steadily driving down the interstate, listening to Destroyer’s This Night, Waxwing’s Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns, Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops’ One More in the Cabin, and Neko Case’s Blacklisted. Arrived back in Monmouth County to drop the car off at my parents’ place quite late at the night, Paul Westerberg’s Stereo calming the late hour mood.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Montreal for the weekend. I’ve somehow convinced this guy and his ladyfriend to come as well. Putting three people with musical tastes as diverse as ours in a car for six hours each way could very well be disatrous. Nonetheless, I suspect we’ll be fine.

In eighteen hours, I’ll be in another country, in a city that I’ve never visited before, and — hotel aside — I have no idea where I’ll go, what I’ll do, what I’ll see.

The weekend promises to be interesting; that’s about all I can say. I can’t wait.