Exhausted. Worked later than expected; came home …

Exhausted. Worked later than expected; came home and worked on a freelance project, then did some editing on the below-referenced fictional thing. Tea is becoming my new diet soda, which is fine with me.

Meeting up with my dad tomorrow and heading to a Brooklyn Cyclones game, which should make for a fine night. I’ve never been to a minor league game before – when I left New Jersey, the state was bereft of professional baseball; now, it seems like half a dozen teams call the Garden State home.

More to come, here – I still have stories to tell about the fairly horrific music space known as the Tribeca Rock Club. $5 bottles of Bud and lousy acoustics – what’s not to love?

Been working on edits to first draft of lengthy fi…

Been working on edits to first draft of lengthy fiction piece for most of the afternoon. Drinking tea, listening to kinda drony music*, and periodically consulting a thesaurus.

Feels pretty good.

Heading to Maxwell’s to catch Rocky’s set in a little while. Should make for a good night.


*-Spacemen 3, Keith Fullerton Whitman, American Analog Set’s contribution to Darla Records’ “Bliss Out” series, and…um….Talk Talk, for the record.

Exhausted. I’m very nearly finished with the Kilo…

Exhausted. I’m very nearly finished with the Kilowatthours piece for Copper Press. Trying to figure out if I should cut an exchange with the band in which they discuss cheap wine; it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the piece, but it’s also funny as hell. I think comic relief may end up winning the day…

Just wrapped up a piece for AMG as well. My back’s sore, and I’m far too caffeinated for two A.M….but still, it’s a good kinda feeling nonetheless.

For those readers who are not in the New York area…

For those readers who are not in the New York area, let me make one thing clear: the humidity in NYC has made the outside world wretched. It’s a summer night; I realize that I should be outdoors, breathing in the night air deeply and savoring each moment, but at this point air conditioning and Mojave 3 seem much more suitable.

It looks as though I’ll be doing a good amount of writing about music in the next few weeks, which has left me feeling good. It’s been a while, probably since the days of editing the zine, since I’ve done this much, and I’m hopeful that it’ll also get me back into gear with some of the fiction I’ve been working on.


Saw Buffalo Soldiers with this guy last weekend. It was good – grimly funny in places and smart enough to let the audience decide how it felt about the film’s relatively amoral protagonist without resorting to predictable moralizing. Before the film, a trailer for The Secret Lives of Dentists played. Seemingly consisting of awkward pauses only, and with a jarring operatic piece playing throughout, I was left with one impression when the trailer was over: this film looks hella pretentious.

I ended up seeing it this past Saturday. First impressions can be wrong, and mine certainly was. Far from pretentious, the film is alternately bitterly funny and crushingly sad, with fine ensemble acting besides. Well worth seeing, I’d say.

As an added bonus, the trailer for Lost in Translation was running before Dentists. Bill Murray singing a karaoke version of an Elvis Costello song? I’m there.


Had a good weekend, and the rest of the month looks promising as well; assorted folks I know from the western states are heading east, and it’ll be good to catch up with them. Right now, I’m content to sit at my desk, feet up, writing; quarter to ten on a Monday night, and I feel fine.

Just shy of one A.M. on a Tuesday morning. Been w…

Just shy of one A.M. on a Tuesday morning. Been working on a Kilowatthours piece for Copper Press; an inexplicable crash set back my transcription efforts a bit, and has convinced me to throw in the towel for the night.

I’m obsessively listening to a TV On the Radio MP3. Yeah, I read the Pitchfork review this morning; yeah, that piqued my interest.

An old roommate of mine stopped by last night, which made for a pleasant surprise; I’m reminded that I really should make a trek to Wildwood to see the exhibit she’s responsible for.

Finished reading Ian McEwan’s Atonement earlier today, and am still trying to figure out what I thought of it. If my vocabulary was larger and my critical nature more oriented towards literature as opposed to music, I suspect I’d talk more about books here. Instead, I’ll toss off the occasional line or two of commentary and let that stand.


The benefit of this not being quite as personal a page as the last iteration of my blog means that I no longer feel obligated to record each and every event of my life online. However, this does mean that a couple of significant things have gone unreported here – most notably, the fact that this guy is, as of ten days ago, married. The festivities were an amazing time; everything from tailing a Hummer on Route 46 to watching young’uns go nuts on a dance floor to Death Cab for Cutie.

It was a fine time. I know it’s a cliche, but nonetheless, it has its uses: I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

There is a bottle of Rheingold in front of me. …

There is a bottle of Rheingold in front of me.

Admittedly, it’s 11:30 on a Sunday night – hardly the right time for getting something, anything, productive done…but nonetheless, I’ve made a goal of trying. (At least one deadline project, plus a personal thing).

Sebadoh’s Bakesale is on the stereo.

The local record store that opened up not long ago appears to be closing up shop, which gets me down just a bit. Bought a couple of CDs there when I stopped by yesterday, at dramatically reduced prices: an older American Analog Set disc, Luna’s Romantica, and the most recent Mojave 3 album.

Said Luna disc is, upon a couple of initial listens, pretty damn charming….

More, hopefully coherent, thoughts to come.

Listening to Brian Eno’s Music for Airports now. …

Listening to Brian Eno’s Music for Airports now. It’s one of the few albums that has a genuinely calming effect on me; there was a point in my life when I was doing a lot of flying, and this was the disc to listen to, look out at the clouds, and feel just a bit safe.

At this point in July, low-level frustrations abound. Nothing major; just the usual ankle-height jabs and plucked ears that set me off, compounded.

I think I’m going to try to head to Montreal in the next month or two, for no particular reason. This past weekend, I realized that the last time I’d been out of the NYC metro area was for my work trip to Albany in late October, 2002, which is just a bit sad.

It’s one A.M. This’ll be the earliest I’ve tried to sleep in a week or so. Worth a shot.

The roommate quest forges onwards. Showed the soo…

The roommate quest forges onwards. Showed the soon-to-be-open bedroom to someone else this evening; proceeded to watch the last half of an episode of Buffy and cook up some salmon burgers.

Yes, I’ve fallen most of the way off the vegetarian wagon. I realize that this is probably causing my karma to nosedive, that my inability to fill bedroom number two is due to the fact that I’ve had to own up to the fact that salmon and tuna are really, really tasty.

On the other hand, one could also argue, in some Philosophy 101 for the Incurably Trivial way, that the smell of cooked salmon that’s lingering around the apartment is my payback for it. I’ve just taken a can of cinnamon-scented air freshener and marched around my apartment spraying it everywhere, in an almost medieval manner. “BRING OUT’CHER DEAD! BRING OUT’CHER DEAD! BRING OUT’CHER CINNAMON DEAD!”

Coherence slips away, if ever it was there. Back to reading literary criticism of a book I may never read and listening to the kilowatthours in preparation for an interview tomorrow evening.

Eleven-twenty-two in the morning; I’m at my parent…

Eleven-twenty-two in the morning; I’m at my parents’ place right now, sipping coffee and trying to figure out if I’m hung over or not. Can one be hung over if one was never drunk the previous night?

My sole goal for today is to make it back to the city in time for hockey – which, barring any train-related delays, shouldn’t be a problem.

Tomorrow and Tuesday, I’m showing the spare bedroom in the apartment to people. Wednesday, she gets into town, and I’m heading back down to Jersey on Thursday for my dad’s birthday. Saturday, this guy is gettin’ hitched. I will be a busy man in the next week; wouldn’t miss any of it for the world.

Now playing: Discount’s cover of Billy Bragg’s “Wa…

Now playing: Discount’s cover of Billy Bragg’s “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward”, which is, I daresay, a longtime favorite of mine in both versions. (Odd aside: as a Discount fan, I really should pick up their last album, to say nothing of actually bothering to listen to The Kills…)

Saw J Church and Ted Leo in late 2000 at Brownies. There was no gap between Ted’s set and the J Church one that followed; rather, he closed with “Waiting…”, with the members of J Church slowly making their way on stage to back him up.

Later that week, I was relating this to Scott, who’s largely responsible for my enthusiasm for both J Church and Billy Bragg. “That sounds incredible,” he said. “Was it?”

I hated to say it, but…no, it wasn’t. The prospect of Ted Leo and J Church covering Bragg practically gave me chills, but the buildup crucial to pulling the song off wasn’t quite there; the gesture was a fine one, but the band was off in places, not as tight as they should have been.

Hell of a gesture, though.

Dinner, 10:48 PM: egg whites, with bits of toast, …

Dinner, 10:48 PM: egg whites, with bits of toast, pepper, salt, garlic, and a touch of parmesan cheese mixed in. Pretty damn tasty.

The album that I’ve been listening to for review purposes has been losing its lustre. Maybe it’s because the last song features the singer yowling, “Murrrrrderrrrrr!” repeatedly.

On iTunes now: Damien Jurado, followed by Damon & Naomi. Very hard to beat that, I’d say.