Brief, Live: Cinemasophia, Jean on Jean, Ringfinger; Maxwells, 05.06.09

Cinemasophia: Quasi harmonies bolstered by a massive sound: shoegaze density with some postpunk precision thrown in. Also: some “this is our first time in New Jersey” banter, which was pretty charming.

Jean on Jean: Solid indiepop, performed solo; that I can’t think of much to say here shouldn’t suggest that I didn’t like the set.

Ringfinger: Also in the solo performance camp: Tracy Wilson singing to prerecorded music in a stylized replica of her living room and, in a moment that recalled the times I’d seen her previous bands, climbing atop a chair to deliver her vocals. Striking and pop music; sometimes beautiful, sometimes wrenching, sometimes both. Wilson commented at the show that it had been thirteen years since Dahlia Seed last played there, and it had been nearly a decade since I’d last seen any band of Wilson’s play; it’s a fine thing to see her back on stage.